Nominate A Charity

Each year as a company we select 2-3 dog/animal charities that we aim to support via fund raising through our dog daycare and grooming salon, and treat donations through our shop - both as donations to animal shelters for the dogs there and through donating goods for fundraising efforts. As a small business, we unfortunately can't help all of the amazing charities out there (as much as we wish we could!), however, by choosing 2-3 each year from our pool of charities, it allows us to support as many as possible in as many ways as we are able to. It's something that we are incredibly passionate about and we have raised thousands of pounds for animal charities over our years working in animal care, as well as donating a large amount of dog treats. This is something we wouldn't be able to do without your support - thank you so much!

Each year just before our birthday we choose the charities that we will work to support for the next 12mths. If you would like to nominate a dog/animal charity to be added to our pool,  fill in the form below. We can't guarantee that they'll be selected this year but the more charities we have in our pool, the more charities we can help over time! We also support overseas charities, however UK based charities allow us more ways to offer support as we are not in a position to ship goods overseas.

Any nominations received after July 16th 2021 will be added to next years pool of charities.

Our 2021-2022 charities have been chosen! 

This year the charities will support are:

* Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue

* MoonAcre Sanctuary

* Hearing Dogs For The Deaf

To nominate a charity for next year, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for helping us to support animals less fortunate.

Nat and Rebekah, and everyone at The Doggy Deli/The Doggy House