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Boredom Box - Natural Dog Treat Selection Box

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Boredom Box Natural Treat Selection Box

Our pawsome Boredom Box Natural Treat Selection box is designed for all dogs that love to chew and chomp! What better way for a dog to have fun!

Chews are an important part of your dogs diet to help promote good dental hygiene and healthy gums. Natural dog chews and treats are the healthiest way for your dog to make the most of their fun chewing time. They provide great enrichment and enjoyment for your dog as well as being packed full of healthy goodness.

Absolutely no rawhide or other nasties, so you can be sure your dog is getting the very best quality...all the flavour and fun, none of the nasties! What's not to woof?! 

Give your dog the gift of chewing happiness! 

Grain Free and free from additive and preservatives.  

 *Please note that contents of our selection boxes and bags contents may vary slightly dependent on stock levels and seasonal availability. 





Analytical Constituents 

Turkey neck
100% Turkey Crude protein 64.3%, Crude fat 23.27%, Moisture 7.3%, Crude ash 5.75%
Duck wing 100% Duck Protein 50.06%, Fat 35.74%, fibre 3.61%
Buffalo ear 100% Buffalo Protein 91.8%, Fat 2.5%, Raw ash 5.7%
Beef muscle 100% Beef Protein 73.3%, Crude fibre 1.5%, Fat 3.8%, Crude ash 3%, Moisture 13.7%
Beef liver 100% Beef Protein 58.1%, Fat 17.39%, Fibre 0.1%, Ash 4%, Moisture 18.2%
Rabbit ears 100% Rabbit Protein 51.5%, Fat 19.4%, Humidity 10.5%, Ash 4%
Pork crunch 100% Pork Protein 66%, Crude fibre 1.5%, Fat 22.5%, Crude ash 3%, Moisture 7%
Chicken feet 100% Chicken Raw protein 65.4%, Raw fat 18.5%, Raw ash 3.5%
Fish skin twist 100% Fish skins Moisture 7.13%, Protein 87.8%, Fat 2.56%, Fibre 1.0%, Ash 11.7%
Chicken necks 100% Chicken Protein 50.06%, Fat 35.74%, Fibre 3.61%
Sausage sizzlers Chicken, Pork Protein 33.1%, Fat 26.8%, Ash 7.5%, Fibre 1.1%, Moisture 25.3%
Black puddings Beef, Chicken Protein 28%, Fat 29.8%, Ash 8.1%, Fibre 1.6%, Moisture 26.7%


Feeding Guide  

A complementary food for dogs and puppies over 16 weeks old. Always supervise whilst feeding and feed on non-stainable surfaces. Feed any time as a treat and reduce main meal to keep your dog healthy. Fresh drinking water should be be provided for your dog at all times. Not for human consumption.